Category: Literature

500 word count MLA format.  

This essay you are expected to find quotes from the texts to support your claims,  “To analyze meaning and recognize aesthetic elements in literary texts.” 

Text book:  

he Norton Anthology of Literature by Women The Traditions in English, by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar 3rd ed., vol. 2, W. W. Norton & Company, 2007

 Identify three texts (by three different writers) that use the same aesthetic element to convey or reinforce their meaning. Examples of aesthetic elements you may choose to discuss are metaphorical/figurative language, distinctive diction and the tone it produces, symbolism, imagery, allusion, or irony. (Select one element common to all three works.) Explain how this aesthetic element contributes to the meaning of each work. Aim to discuss one or two of the most significant examples from each text; your primary task is to explain how the element functions in each text, not to identify examples. (Important: the only texts you may not write about are the essays by Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, and Adrienne Rich since you will be completing another project about those.) 

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