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1. Revise and Improve the comparisons essay based on the feedback below and any new insights you may have developed. Make sure you re-read the essay to see if you have missed anything.

           -Feedback: Be careful with repetition. Some of your first few sentences are redundant. You make some good points but keep working on your sentence structure for added clarity. You have a great point at the end about genres. Can you make this your thesis?

2. Add a separate short paragraph on the first page, in which you identify what you changed, how you responded to the feedback, and how you see the final paper as an improvement. Do not simply copy the comments from the feedback. 

3. The essay has to be 2.5 pages.

4. Include citation 

5. The comparisons:

· Giotto, Kiss of Judas

&Velazquez, The Surrender at Breda

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