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Write about the background, decision, and outcomes of a significant court decision that has had repercussions for environmental law.  The decision could have been handed down by any level of the court system, but you may want to focus on California or US Supreme Court cases as you may be able to find more information about them.  You are also welcome to discuss a court case from another country, particularly if their court system is handled different than ours.


A good place to start might be the wikipedia page that lists lawsuits with environmental relevance, but that is not the only place to look



The minimum word count is 500 words (equivalent to 2 pages, double-spaced).  As mentioned above, be sure to summarize the background of the case, the decision made by the court (and dissenting opinions, if any), and the outcomes or repercussions of the case on the way that environmental law is currently practiced. 

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