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PART I: ( Minimum 500 words).

” To say ‘and Muhammed is the messenger of God’ to commit oneself on a belief (the second half of the Shahada), is not about the person of the prophet, but about the validity of what he preached. The personality of the prophet is irrelevant.”  Discuss why and how you feel this is to be accurate or inaccurate generalization about Muslim faith and practice in their varies expressions or manifestation. Be specific, making sure to reference a broad range of Muslim attitudes towards the Prophet. 

Part II (Minimum 500 words)

Muslims throughout the world share a similar vocabulary and books of scripture (Quran and Hadith), the meaning that they attach to these things vary. It is consequently impossible to speak generally about Islam and Muslims’ we may say that certain concept, texts and rituals are common in many different Muslim communities, but we cannot go further and say that all Muslims share the same understandings of these things. In fact, it would be more accurate to speak of “Islams”rather than Islam. Discuss why and how you agree or disagree with such a statement. e specific, making sure to reference a broad range of Muslim opinions, teachings, practices, beliefs, etc.

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