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As health care delivery is becoming dependent on health information technology, health care professions are faced with new ethical issues.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Required Resources


This video presentation provides an overview of electronic medical records and discusses the far-reaching benefits to patients, providers, and payers.


  • Course TextJonas & Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States
    • Chapter 16, “Health Information Technology”

This chapter describes how information technology can help reduce or control the increase in health care costs while increasing patient satisfaction.

  • Chapter 17, “The Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States”

Chapter 17 analyzes factors driving change in the health care system and predicts changes likely to occur within the system.

This article defines health information technology and its benefits and adoption rates. The article also discusses the barriers to adoption of universal systems.

This article is the basis of the Discussion assignment and addresses areas of ethical concern in health informatics. The article also evaluates Issues concerning beneficence in health care, patient autonomy, fidelity, and equal justice.

Web Sites

This Web site provides information concerning the profession of Health Informatics. Multiple podcasts are available under the Education tab. Review the home page for general knowledge.


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