Fakebook Assignment

Category: History

Select an individual from the Scientific and Industrial Revolution ‘Fakebook’ Selection List.

Email your selection to your instructor for approval.

Once you receive confirmation from your instructor that your selection is approved:

Create a Fakebook page for that individual, which will include, at minimum, the following:

  • The person’s name
  • Picture
  • Date of birth and birthplace
  • An “about me” section that summarizes the person’s life in about two paragraphs
  • A blog about their discoveries or innovations and their impact on the modern world (at least three paragraphs)
  • Creative and innovative posts on your Fakebook page wall. These could be posts from other contemporaries of the time to your subject, or posts by your subject (check-ins).

Note: For a sample Fakebook page see http://www.classtools.net/FB/1257-gcWpst.

Post a link to your completed Fakebook page in the forum below.

View Fakebook pages from your classmates to learn from the profiles they created.

Comment on the posts of at least three of your classmates suggesting at least two ex

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