Fault Tree Analysis Discussion

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Fault Tree Analysis Work:

Since I am in quarantine until I get my results back, we will be going virtual. I intended to cover the Fault Tree Analysis this week which can be found in chapter 10 of our text, and is one of the best analytical tools we can use for investigations because it is a deductive tool which starts from the actual incident and works its’ way down finding the causal factors by utilizing and/or gates.

For this week I want you to read chapter 10 of your text, review the lecture I added covering the FTA.

Your assignment is to locate a finished investigation from the CSB.gov site and create a FTA based off the findings within the video. You can find many templates for FTA Risk Management purposes, so I urge you to use one.

I will be grading this based off the correct usage of the and/or gates, the correct usage of the tree symbols found on page 108 of your text, and the video link added to your FTA so I can cross reference your data to grade accordingly.

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