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 Some things to consider when watching/thinking about Gattaca:1)   Gattaca takes place in “The Not Too Distant Future,” what exactly does this mean in terms of a timeline?  Can you take clues like clothes, cars, housing, language, or hairstyles to make a guess at how far into the future the film is projecting?  2)   Will you be alive to experience the future outlined in the film? Would you like to live there? List some pros and cons.  Why would this be an important consideration on the part of the filmmakers?3)   In what country is Gattaca set?  Remember, just because they are speaking English doesn’t mean it’s the United States.4)   What type of music do people in the future listen to?  What can those choices tell us about their values?  Would you fit in?  What would happen if you didn’t, what could you do?5)   What kinds of cars do people in the future like to drive?  What can those choices tell us about their values?  If it’s the future, why are they still driving cars, what other choices might they have?6)   What kinds of clothes do people in the future like to wear?  What can those choices tell us about their values?  Could you wear clothes like theirs now, and still be considered stylish?7)   Are people nice to each other in the future?  If not, what might be some reasons making them mean?  Can you identify those causes by evidence found in the film?  If it’s not found in the film, can it be inferred from things that are visible?  For instance, if you see a crucifix in a scene, it suggests that Christianity is still being practiced; or, if you see a poster depicting a sports star, than football might still be practiced in the future.  If you look at the background scenery and see nothing familiar, than the filmmakers want you to feel alienated from the future they are portraying.  Why would the filmmakers want to alienate you from the future?8)   Is Capitalism still functioning in this future? What about advertising or mass media?9)   What do people do in their leisure time in the future?  Do we do some of those things now?  10)What seems important to people who live in this future?11)Is it possible that this future may come in being?  What elements exist now to guarantee this future outcome?  Should we change what we’re doing now to avoid the future portrayed in the film?  What happens if we can’t changes these things, what should a reasonable person do in the present?12) Would you describe the end of the film in positive or negative ways? Make a list to support your reaction. 

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