Final Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

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Write a 12 page final paper on Richard Florida pillar call “Empower Cities and Communities”. Paper should be in 12 fonts, Time Romans, double space, in-text citation. You can use different references. Also I have attached a few pages from the book that discuss Richard Florida’s pillars about Empower Cities and Commuities.

Assignment: Analyze both short and long-term opportunities the public health and economic crisis and recovery presents for us to address each of the “Empower Cities and Communities” pillar you are assigned to. To what extent can the public health and economic response over the next few years (the current short-term stimulus packages and future, budgeting and investments) present opportunities to address the underlying causative problems that resulted in Florida’s pillars “Empower Cities and Communities”? Since the epidemiology experts strongly suggest that this may be only the first of what might be three waves of the disease through 2022 when they hope to have a vaccine, factoring in the possibility that the virus could still mutate.  Consider respective government roles through the lens of the FEMA model in which feds provide resources (and we are talking a lot!), states decide distribution of those resources, locales make the implementation decisions. Also consider the trade-offs in terms of increasing the national debt and redistributing money and resources from other areas of the budget, including from the military, and what implications can you infer in terms of health care policy for the entire country. Would the return on investment offset a future national debt?

Encapsulating the other course themes, for the pillar “Empower Cities and Communities” what are the implications to immigration, eminent domain (will that be exercised more for public benefit purposes?) and land use, technology (communication, transportation, etc.) and megalopolis growth (or not).

Since this is a rapidly evolving situation, you might want to think about making some assumptions about where it is going, and do a couple of different alternative scenarios, one that shows modest progress on the pillars; another that shows robust progress.

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