FIU Effectiveness of Diverse Virtual Teams in A Global Context Discussion Response

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Below you will find the article chosen by another student and their opinion about the article. Read it carefully and provide a 200-word commentary on the post as to how the article illustrates and reflects the reading of the week (about the global stakeholder manager)

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This article was posted to Harvard Business Review in June 2021. In this article, the authors show how their latest study on how diversity works in remote teams, finding that the advantages and cons are explained by how teams handle two types of diversity: personal and contextual. They discovered that while personal variety helps with creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving, contextual diversity did not. Teams with more contextual diversity generated higher-quality consulting reports, as well as more creative and original solutions, according to their research. They also revealed that teams with a higher level of contextual diversity fared better in terms of work quality. This means that if the group members are coming from various different cultural backgrounds or different age groups, they are more likely to have less trust in each other, make less favourable attributions about each other’s motives, and communicate less. As a result, there is less cohesion among them, as well as more disagreements and misunderstandings. In addition to these findings the authors of the article also stated on how managers should handle the different nationality groups. They said that it is important for them to understand cultures, beliefs and religions so their group can achieve the common goals. Without diversity a group will not have much innovative ideas and therefore will have lower performance. The key is to have a leader who can communicate and can bring the team together no matter what their backgrounds are.

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