Food safety sla: food privilege photo project

Explore the different costs associated with “greenwashed” foods compared to conventional foods at your local grocery store (you may do this in-person or using a store’s website/app provided they have photos meeting the criteria below). Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides that include the following:

  • A title slide and introduction to your photo project that includes the grocery store you visited (5 pts)
  • Side-by-side photos of the products with their costs and nutritional information
    • Choose one greenwashed product and one comparable conventional product of each of the following (they should be the same size—for example, a 12 oz can of organic peas and a 12 oz can of conventional peas) (5 pts each):
      • Protein source (meat or meat substitute) 
      • Dairy product (milk, eggs, yogurt, etc)
      • Produce (fruit or vegetable)
      • Frozen food
      • Snack/treat food
  • Definitions of greenwashing and the buzzwords used on your products (for example, ‘natural’, ‘cage-free’, ‘no added hormones’ etc.); do those descriptors have actual meaning/hold value? Hint: you’ll need to look this info up. (10 pts)
  • Final slide(s) that addresses the following (10 pts): 
    • Were there any significant differences in the apparent safety or nutrition of the products you compare? 
    • If you were shopping for food for yourself, which products would you be most likely to purchase? Why? 
    • How do you think greenwashing impacts consumer behaviors? 

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