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Directions: Read the questions below and write a response of at least two paragraphs in length. Each paragraph must consist of 9 to 11 sentences. Your answers should provide strong examples and details from the textbook.


1.      What made possible the expansion of the Chinese economy, and what were the outcomes of this economic growth?


2.      How did the civil service examinations and the scholar-official class shape Chinese society and culture, and what impact did the Mongol conquest have on them?


3.      How did Korean society and culture develop in an age when its northern neighbors were Khitans, Jurchens, and Mongols?


4.      How did the Heian form of government contribute to the cultural flowering of Japan?


5.      What were the causes and consequences of military rule in Japan?


6.      How did medieval rulers overcome internal divisions, external threats, and work to create larger and more stable territories?


7.      How did the Christian Church enhance its power and create new institutions and religious practices?


8.      How did the lives of common people, nobles, and townspeople differ, and what new commercial developments increased wealth?


9.      Why have the later Middle Ages been seen as a time of calamity and crisis?



PART II: Journal


Directions: The purpose of the journal is to actively engage in self-learning and opportunities to clarify and reflect upon your thinking of world history in different ways. Further, the journal is intended to help the student gain writing fluency knowledge and creativity in doing so.  You should express your ideas and feelings, special terms, and expressions heard and used to convey historical knowledge and events.  You not only be graded on the content of your journaling activities, but on the completion of the assignment and writing skills required for each journal activity assignment.


Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs that consist of at least 9 sentences for each of the following questions:


1.      There should be a separation of church and state because…


2.      To me religion…


3.      My idea of universal religion is…

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