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Category: Mathematics


Define each term:

         Divergent thinking: 

Circular path game: 


Data analysis: 


1.  How can mathematics become meaningful?

2.  How can math be used to take attendance?  Give several examples.

3.  How can math be used when setting the table?  Be specific.

4.  How can math be used when fixing snacks?

5.  How can math be used for selecting activities?

6.  How can math be used during clean up time?

7.  How can problem solving be used when organizing materials?  Give specific examples.

8.  How can problem solving be used when making plans for special events?

9.  How can problem solving be used to model making fair decisions?

10.  List several suggestions for providing and storing math materials that meet the demand for differing ability levels.

11.  Why should a teacher consider a circular path game instead of a competitive game?

12.  What is meant by using a generic game board?

13.  List six (6) questions useful with graphing activities.

14.  List three (3) characteristics of a gender-fair curriculum.

15.  What should a teacher know about building estimation activities?

16.  What is meant by inquiry topics?

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