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Category: Mathematics


1.  Define patterns.

2.  List the four (4) levels of exploring patterns.

3.  In their school years, how will children use patterns?

4.  What is Orff instrumentation?

5.  How can music be used in developing patterns?

6.  Define part-whole relationships.

7.  What can be used to help children see part-whole relationships?  By what age are children able to understand reversibility?

8.  What is decomposing?

9.  Define symmetry.  To what concept does symmetry relate?

10.  What manipulatives are designed to show shape relationships?

11.  Define each term:  sphere; rectangular prism; rhombus; and ellipse.

12.  List the common known dimensional terms.

13.  List the definable names in three dimensional shapes.

14.  List the definable two-dimensional terms.

15.  How does space relate to shape?

16.  How do children relate their bodies to space?

17.  What is informal measurement and how was this concept conceived?

18.  How can a teacher use informal measurements?

19.  What must be done to effectively compare volume?

20.  What is a good way to begin measuring weight with children?

21.  When are children ready for the concept of time?

22.  What can be used to help children understand time increments of minutes?

23.  What is the problem with children understanding tomorrow?  How can you help children understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow?

24.  Define daily schedule.

25.  What is a weekly calendar, and how can a daily calendar be used as a teaching tool?

26.  List the six (6) subheadings for experience in an inquiry topic

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