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Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. Provide each answer with scientific/technical detail. For certain questions you may need to supplement your answers with statistics or relevant examples. Be sure to acknowledge and cite your sources properly, preferably in APA style.


1.    Identify the one environmental hazard you think we should be most concerned about. In your opinion, why is this a problem and what do you think we should do about it? What are the ethical considerations involved in decisions about environmental hazards and their amelioration? 200 words


2.    Air pollution has been a concern in the United States for many years, specifically in the Los Angeles area. With regulation the United States has been able to manage this problem with much success. What do you foresee as the outcome of industrialization in China with respect to air pollution and public health? (200 words)


3.    What is the scientific consensus about climate disruption during the last half of the twentieth century and projected temperature changes during this century? Do you support the theory that the earth is warming due to human activities, or that this is part of a natural cycle? (200 words)


4.    One way to slow the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is to reduce the clearing of forests, especially tropical rain forests. These forests are found in developing countries. What should the United States and other developed countries do, if anything, to stop the cutting of these forests? What political and ethical issues are involved in these efforts? (200 words)


  5.  Climate disruption is an international topic of discussion. The Kyoto Protocol (1997) is a negotiated agreement between 161 nations to help slow global warming and the resulting climate changes. By 2009, 194 of the world’s nations, though not the United States, ratified the agreement. Do you think it is working? What do you think of the position the United States has taken in regard to this agreement? (100 words)


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