Format paper and make any change based on instructions

Category: Mathematics

Append the Week 4 Business Research Project Part 3 paper with the following:

Collect the team members’ Week 4 individual Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation assignments (papers and spreadsheets).

Review each team member’s descriptive statistics and interpretation assignment, incorporate the best elements into one team data analysis paper and spreadsheet.

  • Note the strengths and weaknesses
  • Where there are differences, collaborate with your team to find the best approach.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit both the spreadsheet and completed Individual Methodology Findings Template.



Hear is the way I see it and I have posted the first version for team review… I may NOT be right but here is what I did to our previous Week 4 Paper:

  • I added my Descriptive Stats for each numeric variable “Effects of poor overall service” section and its in RED font so its easy to see what I did.
    • We can change this data out with someone else’s if it fits the paper better…
  • I added all my graphs in an “Appendix” section after the conclusion
    • We can change this data out with someone else’s if it fits the paper better…
    • The “Appendix” section is in RED font you can find it easily in the paper
  • I made NO attempt to do any formatting in the paper as that can come later once we agree on content.




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