FSWC Sales Revenue and Labor Cost Assumptions Discussion

Category: Business & Finance


Part One: In the text box of the discussion provide the following:

  1. How you arrived at your gross sales for January, June, and December. This will require you to share your average meal price, and number of customers you expect to serve for those months. (10 points)

2. Explain your Sales Revenue and Labor Cost Assumptions for the year. What surprised you most about the process of developing projections to what appears to be a relatively small business operation?

Part Two: Prior to submitting your final Profit and Loss projections to FSW leadership you want to collaborate and get feedback from your classmates. After all, you want your final plan to be reasonable and credible to those reviewing your plan. (15 Points)

Your discussion input should address the following with two of your classmates:

Review two of your fellow classmates’ projections and comments from Part I. In a paragraph or two compare their results to yours and discuss what areas were significantly different. Was it their sales projections, customer count, average meal price, expense projections, etc. Did you think their projections were more reasonable than yours, or do you think your numbers were more reasonable? Explain to them why and what changes they might want to consider prior to submitting their results to FSW.

You only have one attempt submitting this assignment. You will not be able to edit or delete any part of this assignment once submitted.

Part One of this assignment must be in by Thursday, Oct 28th. Your response to two of your fellow students must be in no later than Sunday, Oct. 31st. Like Quizzes, Discussion entries will not be accepted or graded past their due dates.

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