Genetics- epigenetics | Biology homework help

Category: Biology

Open the attached article and read it. If you think that you’ve perceived any flaws, overstatements/unsupported conclusions, or if you were simply left wondering about experiments that could have been done but weren’t – go ahead and speak your mind (it can’t hurt, it can only help).

I picked this article because it deals with the topic that we’ve been discussing in class (epigenetics), touches on various aspects of gene function regulation and techniques.

You only have so much space (600 words max), so you’ll obviously have to summarize to a large extent. But do not simply re-phrase the abstract – you’ll fall short. So make sure that you end up with a document that nicely describes the bulk of the work, mentioning some of the major techniques. If abstracts summarize the work for a mostly expert audience, think of this exercise as a summary for someone who has a firm basic understanding of genetics and cell and molecular biologist, but not an expert in either neuroepigenetics.

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