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Choose four (4) essay questions and answer in full. This is NOT a short answer essay response. Each question/answer is worth 20 points toward your grade. This is intended to be very comprehensive and in-depth response (e.g., full, complete paragraph(s) response).

  1. Discuss the origins of democracy and how it influenced our forefathers and the creation of our Federal Government system. Ensure you address the influence of John Locke and the Social Contract.
  2. It has been said that the concept of Federalism is NOT in one specific area of the U.S. Constitution but exists throughout the U.S. Constitution, explain?
  3. Discuss why our forefathers chose a federal system over a confederal system. Additionally, discuss the three compromises that were reached during the Constitutional Convention; address what they are and their significance,
  4. Hamilton said that the Judicial Branch was the least dangerous branch. The Executive Branch holds the sword and the Legislature Branch holds the purse. Explain these statements by outlining the separation of powers of these three branches.
  5. The U.S. Supreme Court in a 1965 ruling stated that the specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have “penumbras” in which can be found a right to privacy. Explain what this means and do you agree or disagree, why?
  6. We discussed influencing factors on our federal government: Political Parties, Elections, Public Opinion, Interest Groups and the Media. Choose two and discuss how they influence our federal government and promote our liberal democratic process; provide examples, 
  7. Discuss the budget process, timeline and what is required by law. Ensure you discuss the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending; deficit and surplus budgets and how they impact the national debt.

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