Grossmont College Data Privacy and Security Communications Paper

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use MLA format , givr your opinion in at least 700 words 

TIKTOK ban and more on privacy (2 parts)

In a recent assignment, it was overwhelming clear most of you think giving up privacy is fair trade for being able to take advantage of some of the “free” benefits of apps like facebook, twitter, etc… So I wanted to spend a little bit more time discussing this and privacy as we currently see it today.

In the past couple of years, TikTok and WeChat have also been in the news, facing a possible ban in the United States over privacy concerns. The current administration has argued that the ban is because of security concerns over a Chinese held company, which the Chinese Government could potentially have access to. Others have argued that American companies such as Facebook and Twitter collect the same data and could just as easily use it for nefarious purposes. Critics also argue that the Trump administration is banning TikTok because it has been used to organize BLM and other protests in recent months. Most protest organizers have also been recommending that participants put their phones on airplane mode during protests as well so that if police try to track you and prove you were there, they won’t be able to.

Part 1   (5 points)

Watch the video and read the accompanying articles on the TikTok ban and then comment on the following questions:… (Links to an external site.)

  • What are your thoughts on banning TikTok and WeChat? Do you trust companies with your information, the US government, other foreign governments?
  • Do you think this ban is fair?  Or should we have policies on all data collected?
  • Who if anyone do you think has the rights to collect data and use it?
  • Other than using data to market products and services, in what other ways could your data be used for?
  • Collecting user data overall is seen negatively, is there any way you think it could be used for good?
  • If you had TikTok or WeChat, did you delete the app from your phone because of the US ban?

Part 2   (15 points)

Compose your own data collection policy –  what do you think a data collection policy would look like?  What restrictions would you have, would there be a monetary value tied to data mining, ie would we get paid for our info?, what access would government agencies like the police, military, have? What access should private agencies have like insurance companies? Should only companies selling a services or goods have access? How would this be implemented?

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