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Project Proposal

During the next eight weeks we will work on creating a complete project management plan. We will cover a variety of planning exercises that will give you a good grasp of the concepts related to planning, executing and finishing a project. This week you will determine the project you want to use for this assignment. When selecting your project it is best to choose an organization you are familiar with so you have base of knowledge to draw on while working on your project. You may pick a project that has not started (new), one that is ongoing (active), or one that has been completed (historical). Also consider the scale of the project as you don’t want to pick a project that is too large or it can become overwhelming.

Read “Create a Project Plan to Reach Success” 

This week’s assignment will be to submit your project proposal for approval by your instructor. This will be your “sell” to gain approval for moving forward with the project. Within this assignment include:

1.Project background and description – describe how this project came about, who is involved and the purpose.

2.Project Scope – Scope defines what the project will look like and provides information about what will and won’t be done within the project; what the end result will provide.

3.High level requirements – what will the project achieve once completed.

4.High-level timetable/schedule- Includes potential start date, key milestones and estimated completion date.

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