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In Chapter 15 & 16 there are 12 Case Studies:

  1. WhyWellness: Communicating about mental health within a gaming community
  2. BodyLove
  3. New Media and the VERB campaign
  4. Health Equity Exchange: Using an integrated multimedia communication approach to engage US communities on health equity
  5. Raising awareness of sustainable food issues and building community via the integrated use of new media with other communication approaches
  6. What do sidewalks have to do with health?
  7. Communication interventions: Helping Egyptian families and children stay safe from avian influenza (Egypt)
  8. Preparing for a nightmare in the Calgary Health Region—Planning for pandemic influenza (Canada)
  9. Interpersonal communication: Lessons learned in India (India)
  10. Voices and Images (United States–Mexico)
  11. Applying C4D to curb maternal mortality in Cambodia (Cambodia)
  12. The role of the health science librarian in health communication: Continuity in evidence-based public health training for future public health practitioners (International)

Choose ONE of these Case Studies and respond to the Case Study Discussion questions on the slide. Use the resources in the module as well as investigating independently to answer the questions. Make sure your response is thorough, in APA format, includes citations, and has at LEAST 3 references.

Chapter 15

New media and the VERB campaign

Case Study Discussion

•Discuss any personal or professional experience you may recall about peer-to-peer health communication (online or offline) and compare with the approach used by the VERB campaign

•What other communication tools, resources or training can help expand the reach of a mass media and new media communication intervention?

•Reflect on lessons learned from the VERB campaign and discuss how you will apply them to a program related to adolescent health or chronic disease

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