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List and Coding of Meaning Units

For this discussion, using your chosen research method, take the data collected from your virtual interviews with your fellow learners and list and code the meaning units (expressions). See the example in the document given in the resources for guidance.



Example of Coding or Labeling of Expressions or Meaning Units

Terminology is dependent on your methodology.

What Is the Experience of Expressing Will?

“Will is being true to yourself. Being true to oneself. To do the things that are truly good and beneficial for the person in question. Yourself.” (Self-assertion.)

“And, I thought, well, the only way that you can really do that is to set aside some of this other stuff and think about what it is that you want to . . .” (Planning and organization.)

“Where am I in this process? Am I just being swept along or is it revolving around me?” (Self-examination.)

“A motivating factor in developing will was wanting to improve myself.” (Self-assertion.)

“That took will and I just kept saying to myself, the end results will pay for it.” (Determination.)

“I am having this conflict in my head, going back and forth. Trying to convince myself which way I am going to go. And that is what it is, I am trying to convince myself which path I am going to take. It is like a fork in the road. I am either going to go this way or I am going to go this way. Which way am I going to go? I am sitting there thinking about it, going back and forth . . .” (Internal conflict.)

“The outside world is not as important. It intrudes with necessities such as dentist appointments and oil changes, however, I can organize it so that it does not interfere with my goals.” (Determination.)

“I needed to find a direction in life that would provide security and a meaningful existence.” (Self-examination.)

“If I had six hours to work on three different assignments, I had to choose two-and-a-half hours on this one, one-and-a-half hours on the second one, and two hours on the third, if that was what I felt I needed to do. And, it required that I finish the part that I had targeted for that one-and-a-half hours in one-and-a-half hours. There was a mechanical sense about it. But it had to be done that way in order for me to finish.” (Planning and organization.)

“I was thinking that quite often the expression of will is something that starts with a struggle within me. Not so much something I feel outside of myself but an internal conflict.” (Internal conflict.)

“A lot of thought. Feeling a lot of negative, up and down, back and forth.” (Internal conflict.)

And, so on.

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