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African Americans (free and enslaved) fought in the American Revolution on the side of the colonialist and/or the side of the British. Explain why blacks would fight alongside the Americans when the colonies did not promise freedom and equality for blacks. Also, why would blacks fight alongside the British? Did they receive their freedom from the British after the War and if so where? Explain. Finally, explain why most African Americans did not celebrate July 4th (Independence Day) in the 18th Century? Should African Americans celebrate this day today? Explain. Can you use the following source below


Deborah Gray White, D.G.W, Mia Bay, M.B & Waldo E. Martin Jr, W.E.M.J. Freedom On My Mind A History Of African Americans With Documents. 2nd ed. Boston, Ma: Michael Rosenberg, 2017. Print



 This assignment should be at least one page and half (1½) pages long (via a Word Document), double-spaced in a 12 point font.

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