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Term Paper 

Stage 1 – Select paper topic and write at least a paragraph stating your aims and goals, and questions you will be asking.  Show you have at least some familiarity with the topic by doing some cursory exploratory reading.

Stage 2 – Submit preliminary bibliography.

Stage 3 – Submit a rough draft.

Stage 4 – Final paper of 8-12 pages.

This project will consist of original web and library research on a subject to be agreed upon by you and me via discussion in the Term Paper discussion.  First, you will post a one page summary of your topic and the questions you intend to pursue.   

Failure to complete a portion of this assignment will result in a letter grade reduction of the final term paper grade.

 Parameters for Research Paper

  • 8-12 pages (Title Pages, Bibliographies, and any appendices do not count)
  • double-spaced, with one-inch margins
  • 12-point font
  • formatted using The Chicago Manual of Style (same as Turabian; no exceptions)

Term Paper Grading Rubric
To earn an A: 

The student writes a strong, analytical essay that demonstrates a clear thesis and a solid understanding of the historical context, effective and consistent use of the minimum required primary and secondary sources. The essay offers an original interpretation.  The structure and organization of the essay contributes to the effectiveness of the argument.  Footnotes are used correctly; the bibliography is accurate; and any historical illustrations and maps used are relevant.  Sentences are well-constructed, with clear transitions between paragraphs.  Spelling and grammar are excellent.

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