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Category: Applied Sciences


Topic:  Medicare National Data by County

Data Set: the annual percent of Medicare enrollees having at least one ambulatory visit b/w Black and White.

Assignment #2 – Team Project (20% of the grade)

In this assignment students will go through the steps to set up a quantitative research study. The Instructor will divide the class into groups to complete the assignment.  Each group should submit 1 report. 

Step #1: Topic selection:In The “Topic Selection – Assignment Drop Box In Weekly Module 4 and in the Assignment Folder), add your topic and the name of the data set you plan to use for your quantitative research assignment for Instructor approval. 

Students are required to use one of the data sets in Course Content (in Week 6).

Step #2: Quantitative data analysis design

Using the topic approved by the Instructor, class teams should:

a.)    Select a topic (as a team) and state the hypothesis

b.)    Conduct a literature review on the selected topic and summarize at least five scholarly sources 

c.)   Select one of the data sets in Week 6 your team plans to use to conduct a statistical analysis

d)     Identify relevant variables (two or more) and justify your choices

e)    Work as a team to choose the statistical method you plan to use for your analysis (Refer to content in week 3 on Biostatistics for information on various statistical methods you can choose from) 

f)     Identify statistical software your team will use to run your statistical analysis focusing on RStudio as the main software (you can use any other software such as SAS, STATA or SPSS)

Step # 3: Analyze the data, state your conclusions and support them

a) students should identify relevant variables and justify the choices

b) analyze the data, state your conclusions and support them

Paper Layout:

3-5 Literature Reviews


Method: Discuss Null Hypothesis (1-2 lines)

Information on the Dataset used (1 paragraph)

Discuss the variables used 

Methodology ( 1-2 paragraphs, how are we testing)

Software used (1 paragraph, this would be on RStudio since we are using it)

In a table report the descriptive statistics

Use box plot, density plots, or scatter plots to show distribution

Test the Null Hypothesis (ttest)

Discuss the results of the ttest

what are our findings

Any policy recommendations?

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