Hope for people living with schizophrenia

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Hope for People Living with Schizophrenia

Read this article: There is Hope for People Living with Schizophrenia

Utilizing this article and other sources, continue our theme on refuting the negative stigmas and treatments for people living with mental illness. This article focuses on one of the more negatively stereotyped mental illnesses, Schizophrenia and illustrates that people living with this mental illness can still live normal and full lives.

Characterize the actions someone with schizophrenia can take to live a long and full life .

Include each of the following points in your assignment: 

·  Create a simple pamphlet using Word 

·  Include symptoms, diagnosis, and key statistics of schizophrenia. 

·  What are reasons someone with schizophrenia might not seek help 

·  List some of the incorrect beliefs about schizophrenia 

·  What forms of treatment are available for someone diagnosed with schizophrenia?

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