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Part 2: Sample ID Proposal
Your sample instructional design proposal for your selected organization must incorporate the following:

Instructional plan for one unit, module, chapter, or session detailing how the instruction will be presented that includes:

  • Delivery method
  • Instructional strategies and models
  • Learner outcomes
  • Learner activities and assessments
  • Materials/resource requirements. 

Your proposal should incorporate the ideas and notes outlined in your blueprint, but it should be composed in a dynamic presentation suitable for your intended audience (the management of your chosen organization). You can design your proposal in a variety of formats; choose the one that suits you and your instructional design plan best.

Proposal format options:

  • PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Infographic (Piktochart is a good option)
  • Video
  • Paper.

Length will vary depending on the format selected; ensure the proposal is comprehensive yet concise, and conveys the message in a clear and compelling way.

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