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The construction cost of the ASC is $200 per square foot.  Equipment is 25%% of the construction cost.  You are to create an original spreadsheet for the cash flow budget on a monthly basis for 36 months.



1.    2,200 square feet per OR.

2.    6 ORs

3.    Bad Debt 5%

4.    FTEs 6 per 1,000 cases  Salary $45,000 per FTE.  Benefits 22%.Clinical supplies 15% of Net Revenue

5.    Collections 40% of Billings

6.    Net Revenue $3,700 per case

7.    Purchased services $60,000 per month

8.    Management Fee 6% of Net Revenue

9.    Malpractice $40,000 per year

10.Other Expenses $60,000 per year

11.800 cases per OR

12.Janitorial $.30 per square foot per month

13.Utilities $.36 per square foot per month

14.Lease payment is the sum of the monthly payment for the building financing and the equipment financing.

15.Building cost per square foot $200

16.Interest on building loan is 6.5% on a 10 year note.

17.Interest rate on the equipment is 8.5% for a 7 year note.

18.Equipment cost is 25% of the building cost.

19.Student determines the ramp up of the cases per month.

20.Maximum number of cases per OR 800

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