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By completing this discussion, you will be able to:

-identify brand gaps that exist between your image and your identity

-explain the current state of your personal brand online and off

-begin to explore a personal brand development strategy.


Online ID Calculator: 


Brand Archetype Quiz: http://kayeputnam.com/brandality-quiz/

 Authentic Happiness: https://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/

Jung Typology Test: 


OPTIONAL: 360Reach Survey: http://www.reachcc.com/360register


To begin your personal brand assessment, you will need to review your online presence through the following prisms: Clarity, Consistency, Constancy. Ask yourself the following questions and take note of your answers.

Clarity – who are you trying to reach and with what message? What specifically are you trying to be known for?

Consistency – which elements of your social profiles are similar? Which are different? How do you come across to your audience on each social media platform? What story is being told about you on every social profile? Do you use the same profile picture and bio?

Constancy – at what frequency (how often) are you posting on each social network? What time/day are you active on social media?

Next, you will complete four personal brand assessments, then review and reflect on your results in your initial post. The four (4) required personal brand assessments include:

– Online ID Calculator

– Brand Archetype Quiz,

-Authentic Happiness,

-AND Jung Typology Test

Optional but highly recommended…

One of the most valuable tools on the market for personal brand assessment is the 360Reach Survey by Reach Communications Consulting, Inc. This survey will empower you with the most accurate information possible to compare and contrast how you perceive yourself and how others in your network perceive you. It reveals gaps between your identity and your public image. Your reputation, and ultimately your brand, rests in the mind of the beholder. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how others perceive you.

To execute the 360Reach Survey effectively, and to gain value from the results, you must allow 2 weeks to complete the Survey. This is why taking this assessment is optional but highly recommended. I want to encourage you to invest the time in completing the 360Reach Survey as it is highly beneficial. You can learn more and register here.

The Purpose of Each Assessment

The Online ID Calculator will help you take inventory of your online reputation. You will learn the five variables of measuring your online reputation and how to improve your results under each variable.

The Brand Archetype Quiz will help you understand the strength of your brand personality and identify how to incorporate psychology while telling your brand story.

The Authentic Happiness Questionnaire will help you determine your character strengths. You will begin to understand how your values guide your career and strengthen your personal brand.

The Jung Typology Test will help you identify and define your personality type. Knowing your personality type is essential to recognizing your learning and communication styles while clearly defining a career path that is best suited for your innate abilities.

Finally, after completing the above activities, share the results and a short narrative on whether the results aligned with your perspective on your personal brand (answers to Clarity, Consistency, Constancy). 

Your initial post should include references to each of your personal brand assessments. Screenshots of your results are encouraged.

To help focus your initial post, address the following questions:

-What were your results from each assessment and what specifically stood out (both positively and negatively)?

-How might you increase your online reputation through addressing the volume and relevance of your personal brand?

-What gaps exist between how you see you and how others perceive you? What do others say about you?

-What social media sites might you use to increase your brand awareness online? How so?

-How can you showcase your character strengths and positive brand attributes across all of your social networks?

-How might you use your brand archetype and/or temperament to stand out online and off?

                      ****Your initial discussion post has a 300-word minimum. ***

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