In this forum you will pick a natural resource that is

In this forum you will pick a natural resource that is extracted/mined.  It can by any natural resource you choose.  
Please do some research and explore this resource.
1. Describe the resource.  How is it used and why is it extracted? Are there any unique or interesting facts about this resource?
2. Explore the type of extraction process for this resource and related infrastructure for your material of choice (for our purposes we can consider energy harvest/extraction also, solar, hydroelectric etc).
3. Discuss some of the main issues with extracting/transporting this material.  These can be technical or environmental issues.
4. Where is this resource extracted. If possible give a specific example. 

5. Is it a renewable resource? If not how much or how long will the supply last?

Include a relevant photo.
To paste photos you need to copy them and the hit Control V or import them usign the mountain sun icon above.  

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