Industrial and hazardous waste questions

Respond to each question with a minimum of a 250 word discussion on the topic (500 total).


1. If you are the director of EHS for a business and you received a notification that you disposed of waste at a NPL listed landfill and that the time has come to remediate the site, what actions would you advise management to take and what steps would you take to prepare for this project? Consider financial reserves, review of production records, review of waste manifests, review of disposal contracts, etc.




2. As the plant EHS manager, a notice comes to your attention that your facility has deposited hazardous waste at the local landfill that is now listed on the NPL as a hazardous waste site to be remediated. When you contact your local waste hauler, you find out that your contract did not specify a specific site where your waste was to be sent and that in the past the waste hauler used the local municipal landfill for disposal when the weather was bad in the winter. They no longer do this since they learned that this might be a violation of RCRA and other environmental regulations. How would you bring this issue to the attention of management, what would you tell them, and how would you engage the waste hauler?


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