Category: Statistics

Inferences??? My younger brother had a run earlier with Medicins Sans Frontieres. He narrowly escaped from an adverse verdict by the court… What he wants is that he be left alone to run his small cafe. He asked my oldest brother if he can conduct a survey for him about justice in the Canadian Court. An initial survey was performed right after Medecins Sans Frontieres accused my brother of wrong doing. Of 1852 customers, 53 were against the aggressive tactics of Medecins Sans Frontieres. After my brother was cleared by the court, a follow-up survey was performed. Of 4699 customers, 1751 said they did not agree with the agressive tactics of Medicins Sans Frontieres. At the 1% level, do the data suggest that a higher percentage of customers were agaist Medecins Sans Frontieres after the court case?

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