Iscom/383 iscom 383 iscom383 week 3 – learning team assignment –

Category: Business & Finance

Use the same organization selected in Learning Team Meeting One.

Select two non-North American countries in which this organization does NOT operate.

Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper evaluating global value chain challenges that exist within the selected countries.


Cite at least seven (7) sources (one of which must be from the Electronic Reserve Readings Resources) to support your assertions.


Describe the following in your evaluation:


·         Legal and ethical issues

·         Political stability

·         Financial considerations

·         Infrastructure

·         Physical geography

·         Suppliers and manufacturers

·         Socio-economic factors

·         Cultural factors


Reflect on your evaluation and consider the following question:


Do you think that the selected organization can effectively operate within either of the two selected countries? Be sure to explain why or why not.


This assignment is due in Week Three.

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