Journal 1: Your Identity as a Public Health/Health Education Professional

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As a public health or health education professional, you will often work in multidisciplinary teams made of professionals from varying occupations. As you gain momentum in your profession, becoming involved in local, state, and national professional organizations will contribute to building your identity as a public health/health education professional. Being an active member in these professional organizations will expand your knowledge of current research and scholarship while also allowing you to network with colleagues in order to expand your professional connections.

Note: This Journal Assignment uses this rubric: Document: One Part Journal Assignments Rubric (Word document)

To Prepare: Think about your professional identity and how you can develop your professional growth. Explore the various public health- and health education-related professional organizations and credentials that are available. Be sure to look for local/state chapters as well.

To Complete: In your journal, explain which professional organizations you already belong to or plan to belong to. Also, consider what professional credentials you may be interested in obtaining, any professional journals to which you plan to subscribe, and explain your selection(s). If you currently participate or plan to participate in any professional networking sites such as LinkedIn or professionally oriented Facebook groups, describe which ones and explain why you think these networking sites will help you develop a professional identity.


Submit your Journal entry by Day 7

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