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Phase 2: Literature Review 

Phase 1 was the Project Proposal – You already COMPLETED FOR ME 

Phase 2 is the Literature Review

This phase of the course project requires you to write a Literature Review. The literature review must be at least 1,900 words of text (graphics, tables, etc. [non-textual items] can be inserted in an APA-formatted appendix), contain a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources (scholarly journal articles), follow current APA format, contain a title page, reference page, and an appendix section if needed for non-textual items.


Ideally a literature review must contain 3 main sections; however, for this course you only need to focus on Section 1.

1. Tell what the research says (theory).

2. Tell how the research was carried out (methodology).

3. Tell what is missing, the “gap” that your research intends to fill.

Writing a literature review entails conducting research, but to be more specific it states the following information.

· Establishes a theoretical framework for your HCI problem/topic (subject area).

· Defines key terms, definitions and terminology.

· Identifies studies, models, case studies, etc. that support your problem/topic.

· Defines/establishes your problem or area of study.

To conduct your research you will need to review related literature to your HCI IS problem. The Jerry Falwell Library should be used to conduct your research along with this course textbook and previous course textbooks. Your peer reviewed research must lead to an appropriate IS solution to your problem and should answer the following question: what literature attempts to solve my problem? Your literature review must contain the following sections with supporting writing.


· Establishes a theoretical framework for your problem/topic (subject area)

o Briefly state the importance of IS.

· Briefly re-state your Project Problem and Project Purpose that you wrote in Phase 1.

o Why do you need this?

· Define any key terms, definitions, and terminology that the reader may need to know before reading your literature review.

o It may be best to do this after writing the entire literature review.

Review of Literature

· Tell me what the research says (theory) about your problem.

o Finding research about your problem defines/establishes your problem or area of study (re-affirms that the problem does exist and why fixing this problem is important)

o Identify any studies, models, case studies, etc. that support your problem/topic.


· State the literature that you found and why it attempts to solve your problem.

· How can you use this literature to help you solve your problem?

· Does the literature lead you to an appropriate IS solution for your problem?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Submit your assignment to the Turnitin Draft link to check for potential issues with plagiarism. When you are ready, submit the final version of your assignment to the designated Turnitin submission link.

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