1. Topic: Gorilla vs Sapphire glass   (Materials sceince)
  2. Format: abstract, introduction, material properties, comparisons, applications, processing, testing, conclusions.
  3. Do not include Table of Contents; not necessary for a paper that is 8 pages maximum.
  4. Too many quotes, “copy/paste”, not student’s work.
  5. Appropriate Technical content; the paper is not an infomercial with superficial content.
  6. Organization of paper; coherent sections, integrated paper, chunks of text with no section headings, paper is not a rough draft done at the last minute.
  7. Quality of research – multiple useful sources.
  8. Figures and tables are included, relevant to topic, formatted properly (numbered and captioned).
  9. Figures are discussed in text.
  10. References – proper format, consistent format, and cited throughout text; 5 minimum, not including course textbook.
  11. Approved topic, submission of term paper.
  12. Quality of analysis or summary.
  13. Interesting or informative.
  14. Conscientious effort is apparent in final result.
  15. Focus of paper is on materials and engineering.