Mgt organizational behavior take home exam


The tasks in this assignment focus on the concept of organizational culture. Your task is to conduct research on several organizations using Internet resources and answer the questions below.


The take-home part of the final exam is worth a total of 100 points: 5 points for question I, 10 points for question II, 10 points for question III, 40 points for question IV, 20 points for question V, and 10 points for question VI, and 5 points for question VII.

Materials needed

·         Our OB textbook;

·         Internet access;

·         PDF file “MGT 301 – Final Exam – Take-Home – Supporting Materials.pdf”, which is posted on Isidore and features the following materials:

o   PPT presentation slides from “Organizational Culture” lecture;

o article “Find Your Employer ‘Culture Fit’ With Social Media”;

o   Financial Times article Reckitt’s strongly flavoured Essence;

·         Website of Bridgewater Associates;


·         Website of Reckitt Benckiser Group plc.

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