Miami Dade College Solar Energy Worksheet


Solar power equation

E = m2(area of solar panel)

1 kw = 1m x 1m

kilowatt electricity) (length) (width)

A 1m2 solar panel will produce 1.0 kw of electricity per minute

. Calculate the total amount of electricity produced in one hour from three solar panels attached to a concert hall, each

solar panel is 4.5 m long and 2m wide.

2. A building requires 4500 kw of electricity in a 10 minute period. How wide should a 10m long solar panei be in order to supply the needed electricity.

3. A Supermarket uses five solar panels, each 5m long and 3.5m wide , for electricity. How much electricity will these solar panels produce for the supermarket in one day (24 hours).

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