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“The Middle Ages” (1279-1287)


Marie “Yonec” (1332-35 and 1341-53)

Christine de Pizan, from The Book of the City of Ladies (1762-1783) 



Individual Project Analyses—REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT* Although you are working in a group, you will need to provide your own analysis and evidence of your involvement by the date specified on the syllabus, or you will not be able to earn any points for your group project. Your analysis sheet must contain the following items: -Standard one-inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, doublespaced lines. -Only your name and the name of the assignment at the top of the first page.

-PAGE 1—A one-page response to how you would answer the Project Question if you were writing an essay. Note your response must include specific references and supporting ideas for all texts in the current unit of study. -PAGE 2—Four pieces of evidence from the primary texts and an explanation to show how your response to the Project Question is well supported. The four pieces of evidence need to be direct quotes from the text. Following each direct quote, state how that quote helps to prove the point you made on Page 1.




This project will be a power point presentation or word document in which you provide answers for the “Group Project Question” listed in each unit of the course calendar. In answer to the question you are essentially building an argument, which has a claim. You will support that claim with your reasoning. You will support your reasoning with specific examples from each of the texts. In your powerpoint, you must touch on each main text from that unit in relation to the question.


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