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Adding a Budget

1. Watch videos 22 thru 30 of Microsoft Project Tutorial.

  • Using Microsoft Project software amend your WBS to include your project budget
  • Make sure that you use your resource sheet in Microsoft project to list all materials, work classification units and resource units
  • Make sure you show totals for all major headings and the project total itself

Include a title page and references you used.

2. Update and submit your Lessons Learned Document. 

I have attached what I have done thus far.

Here are some comments made by professor:

 You did not prepare a timeline. Click on view, then select timelint to your right then click on the timeline notice that this changes the format to timeline tooks. Select existing tasks, This will allow you to enter major tasks so that they can be tracked on the timeline.

 What happened to all of the administrative work, like prepare a WBS, do a budget, do a schedule select and brief a team? Follow up meetings to track the project.

You do not need to have everything as days to complete. You can substitute hours followed by hrs in the duration column.

 You need to include a risk analysis in the beginning of the program and a closout at the end of the program. Your book has these requirements.

No manpower is listed on your resource sheet.

You did not list any holidays or changes in work time. use project tab and change working time.

Some things that you need to do when you do your budget

Make sure that you assign each subtask a resource, material and or manpower or both

the purchase equipment task is made up of several smaller tasks, Prepare the specs, Prepare a vendor list, send requests for quote, evaluate vendor submittals, award contracts and incoming inspection.

Some things to keep in mind when you prepare your budget.

When you have competed this set a baseline, this is necessary so that you can track actual vs real times and cost. Make sure that you show the completed tasks. They can be partial or 100% complete.

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