Nalharis, benjen and greyjoy pharmaceuticals llc produces four drugs

Category: Mathematics

Nalharis, Benjen and Greyjoy Pharmaceuticals LLC produces four drugs which treat mild schizophrenia and other neurological identity Disorders. They are Xyletra, Metaphloroplax, CADx2, and Tryptophermalydopoxia. Before sale each drug must pass through two production stages: synthesizing and quality control. Xyletra requires 1 hour of each stage and sells for $10. Metaphloroplax requires 1 hours of synthesizing, 2 of quality control, and sells for $15. CADx2 requires 1 hour to synthesize, 3 hours of quality control, and sells for $10. Tryptophermalydopoxia requires 1 hour of each stage and sells for $5. N B and G LLC only is capable of at most 300 hours of synthesizing and 360 hours of quality control per day. If they wish to maximize revenue, then how many of each drug should be produced and what will maximum revenue be?

Use the simplex method to solve this linear programming problem.

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