Need dissertation topic chapter 1 and chapter 2 draft

Category: Information System


For this residency Weekend. Professor has asked us to submit a draft for Chapter1 and 3

Topic Name: A Framework for Shrinking Privacy Issues of IOT in the Healthcare Sector 

Last semester we submitted chapter2. In this semester our focus will be on writing chapter 1 and chapter 3. Here I am attaching the guidelines for both chapter 1 and chapter 3. When I say guidelines, the professor is expecting us to include all the contents that are described in chapter 1 and chapter 3.

For this Residency I need just a draft for both the chapters 1 and 3.

Draft can be from 2 to 3 pages for each chapter(both 1&3)

For example draft can include 

 Background and Problem Statement • Purpose of the Study • Research Questions for chapter 1

and for chapter 3 on Research methodology and design you can get more information if you go through the below document.

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