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Nonconsequentialist Theories


Where consequentialist (teleological) ethics focus on the outcome of an action, nonconsequentialist (deontological) ethical theories focus on humanity’s obligation to perform the right action regardless of consequence. Write a THREE-PAGE ANALYSIS on nonconsequentialist ethical theories and theorists and do the following:


•Define nonconsequentialism.


•Discuss divine command theory.


•Discuss Immanuel Kant’s deontological ethics including criticisms of and the categorical imperative.


•Discuss Ross’s prima facie duties.


•Explain whether or not you support nonconsequentialist (deontological) ethics in your conclusion.



Submission Requirements:



•Submit your analysis in a Word document.


•Add the following sections in APA format:


◦Cover Page




◦Page Numbers


◦References Page


•Use 12-point Arial font and double space.


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