NR632 Week 8 Final CGE Portfolio

Category: Nursing


  1. Complete the portfolio.

Elements of Portfolio

The student is responsible for the development of a CGE portfolio that includes the following elements in the following order (items in black font were part of the initial portfolio in NR631; items in blue font are to be added from work done in NR632) :

  1. Project PICOt question
  2. Abstract summary of project topic (approx. 500 words)
  3. Literature review (may be copied and pasted from the NR631 week 3 assignment with revisions as necessary) Updated if appropriate
  4. Reflection on Course Outcome Achievement
    1. List each course outcome as a heading in proper APA format
    2. For each course outcome provide a reflective summary of how you feel you have progressed in meeting this outcome through the resources and activities of both NR631 and NR632
      1. In NR631 you reflected on your progress halfway through your CGE experience.
      2. Review each course outcome and update your reflection based on the entire sixteen week CGE experience
  5. Scholarly application sections of the following (in order) project management tools (may be copied and pasted from those assignments with revisions as necessary):
    1. Project Charter (NR631 Week 2)
    2. Project Scope (NR631 Week 2)
    3. Communication Plan (NR631 Week 4)
    4. Deliverables and CSF (NR631 Week 5)
    5. Work Breakdown Structure (NR631Week 6)
    6. Gantt Chart (NR631 Week 6)
    7. RACI (NR631 Week 7)
    8. Risk Register (NR631 Week 7)
    9. Monitor and Control documents (NR632 WK 2)
    10. Completion Document (NR632 WK6)
    11. Lessons Learned (NR632 WK6)
  6. The following documents included as separate appendices in the following order:
    1. Learning Agreement
      1. From NR631 (Keep NR631 Learning Agreement)
        1. Signed (verified) by both student and mentor
        2. Reflective summary of progress through the end of CGE I of progress toward that goal
      2. From NR632 (add this as a separate document following the NR631 learning agreement)
        1. Signed (verified by both student and mentor
        2. Reflective summary of progress toward each goal at the end of the Concluding Graduate Experience
    2. Signed NR631 CGE activity log with a minimum of 72 hours
    3. Signed NR632 CGE activity log that demonstrates 144 total CGE hours
    4. Project Charter (NR631 Week 2)
    5. Project Scope (NR631 Week 2)
    6. Communication Plan (NR631 Week 4)
    7. Deliverables and CSF (NR631 Week 5)
    8. Work Breakdown Structure (NR631 Week 6)
    9. Gantt Chart (NR631 Week 6)
    10. RACI (NR631 Week 7)
    11. Risk Register (NR631 Week 7)
    12. Monitor and Control documents (NR632 WK 2)
    13. Completion Document (NR632 WK6)
    14. Lessons Learned (NR632 WK6

Preparing the Paper

  1. All aspects of the portfolio must be completed.
  2. Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly using the current edition of the APA manual.
  3. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing.

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