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 1. In your initial response post, please share and evaluate your competency self-assessment score.

  • What are your strengths?
  • How do they support your nursing practice?
  •  Discuss two or more competencies you would like to improve upon and explain how they would support your nursing practice. 

2. Discuss your personal practice-related experiences with health information technology (HIT), past or present.

  • Was the transition from paper charting to electronic charting easy or difficult for you?
  • What barriers, if any, did you encounter?
  • Do you feel your experiences have been positive or negative?
  • If your hospital or facility has not yet transitioned to HIT and health information systems, or if you are not currently working, what are your expectations of HIT to improve workflow and support your nursing practice to provide safe, evidence-based nursing care and improved patient outcomes? 

3. Discuss the processes required to create an informatics culture. How do they support safe, quality patient care in nursing practice?All components are required to be answered as a comprehensive initial post. Do not separate the answers and respond to each question individually.

Please write the topic in the Subject line. 

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