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Written  Assignments (Read carefully and follow for every assignment): Assignments should follow the Assignment-Example (provided in  Blackboard under Course Content/Resources), including heading, font style (Arial), size (11),  spacing (single for text; double for heading), margins (1inch on all sides), and citations.  MLA is the generally accepted writing style with exceptions as noted.   While MLA is the preferred writing style, other forms or variations  will be accepted. Limit each written assignment to 2 pages – demonstrate conciseness  & clarity  A 3rd page may be used for citations and exhibits only. Substance, critical thinking, and creativity are key criteria for a  successful paper. Research beyond the textbook and required readings will be beneficial. Identify and answer each question in the order requested. Support your answers where necessary providing references, citations,  etc. and showing where used. Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar – this is a business  class! Write each assignment like your final grade depended on it. It just  might!   In your own words, answer the following questions:  In a global supply chain, what economic value* can/does transportation  provide, and how? Given the importance of globalization/global trade on the U.S. economy,  why is it essential to have a modern and well-maintained transport  infrastructure (e.g., roads, bridges, tunnels, sea/air ports)? Describe a few of the lessons-learned from the evolution of logistics  (refer to Chapter 2 and Logistics from a Historical Perspective) that  can be applied to modern logistics management.  *Logistics management has traditionally focused on reducing costs (e.g.,  transportation, warehousing, inventory). The reality is that effective  logistics management can create meaningful value to customers and  ultimately to shareholders (e.g., increased profitability).  Transportation plays an important part in logistics processes and  therefore value creation.

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