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you have three different choices for this paper 1) SLICE OF LIFE: Student will step into the shoes of a person from the past and write a first-person autobiographical account of an experience in that person′s life. This can take the form of a narrative, a diary, or a journal that explores the writer′s thoughts, feelings and opinions about his or her life experience and the world around them. The character may be of any age, gender, or socio-economic status, need not be famous or have made any significant contribution, and may be real or fictional as long as the story takes place in real time with real persons and events included in the discourse. 2) TIME MACHINE: Student will step into the shoes of a modern researcher or journalist, and go backwards in time to explore a significant era or event by interacting and interviewing real historical persons from that time. The finished form can take the form of a magazine article, news series, or series of interviews, and should include your own thoughts, feelings and opinions about the encounter, as well as thoughts and feelings of those encountered. ( For a model or template to follow, read a personal-encounter article from National Geographic.) 3) MODERN DETECTIVE: Student will step into the shoes of a modern day investigator by raising a question about a historical person or event, and then use available historical evidence to provide a credible and convincing answer. Evidence should include authentic written records, documents, speeches and letters from real people relevant to the question being explored, which should be presented and analyzed as though arguing a court case or submitting an investigative report. An example of such an investigation might be as follows: “What political, economic and geographic factors contributed most to the collapse of the Imperial Roman state in the West, and what elements survived to influence European culture during the Middle Ages?” for this one here are some question you can chose from there in the word document i need the best grade possibly

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