Outline for term paper objectives

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Outline for Term Paper Objectives:

  • Create a plan for your Term Paper to include all of the Term Paper requirements.

The objective of the Term Paper Outline is to create a plan for your Term Paper and to include all of the requirements for the Term Paper. Please review the Outline of “Term Paper – Outline Sample” below (see link) for your reference and submit an outline of your Term Paper with specifics about your chosen artist and artwork. The outline for your Term Paper is very important because many students forget to include all of the required information in their Term Paper, and this outline will also help you get full credit (100 points) on your Term Paper.

The Outline of the Term Paper is as it says “an outline of the actual Term Paper” to be used as a road map for writing your Term Paper. Please remember I need specifics about the artist and artwork you picked for your Term Paper, such as listed below.

Please Note: Any information in your term paper that is copied and pasted from an online source or any other source without using text citations, is considered plagiarism and would constitute a grade of “F” on your assignment!


Outline of Term Paper–Sample Outline.docPreview the documentView in a new window  (Sample Outline for Term Paper Assignment)

Please Note: You will need to review the requirements for the Term Paper in the Term Paper link below before starting on your Term Paper Draft assignment.

Term Paper Assignment Outline.docPreview the documentView in a new window  (Term Paper Assignment Link)

Term Paper Outline –

Term Paper Header needs to Include:
Your name, course number, instructor, date.
Title of paper, artist name, artwork title, media, page location of artwork (as used on all writing assignments).

A. Introduction to Artist and Artwork

  • Name of artist
  • Artwork title & media
  • Brief overview (please quote your sources using text citations)

B. Biography

  • Date of birth
  • Birth location
  • Brief summary of Bio (please quote your sources using text citations)

C. Location of Artwork

  • Location of artwork (museum etc.)
  • Research information from the online Museums

D. Discuss the Subject (Discuss the following)

  • What is being portrayed and why (is it a person, landscape, object or feeling)
  • Was the artwork Representational, Nonrepresentational, Realistic or Abstract?
  • Portrait Landscape,
  • Painting Sculpture, Drawing

E. Analyze the Form (Discuss the following)

  • The total physical characteristics
  • Visual elements
  • Principles of Design

F. Interpretation of Content (Discuss the following)

  • What is the meaning or message of the artwork?
  • Discuss the circumstances surrounding the event or situation

G. Evaluation (Discuss the following)

  • Formalist theory
  • Contextual Theory
  • Expressive Theory

H. Conclusion (Discuss the following)

  • Overview of research experience (What was learned from the research)
  • Was it easy to find information from online galleries?
  • Why did you choose the artist/artwork?

Please Note: Text citations when quoting resources and a Works Cited section for listing your resources must be included in your Term Paper, but is not necessary on the Outline of the Term Paper Assignment  You may want to research the references for your Term Paper before you create your Draft. Some works of art are very difficult to find adequate information for a term paper.

MLA Writing Style (Required on All Essays and the Final Term Paper)

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/11/ (Link to MLA info.)





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