Paper – Adolf Hitler Leadership Style | APA format | 10 Pages Double Spacing

Category: Literature

I need 10 pages Double Spacing assignment on “Adolf Hitler” as a leader which is due by 05/5/2016 at 12.00 hours. Following are the requirements:


1.A biography of Adolf Hitler.

2. A summary of what other leaders have said about Adolf Hitler and his leadership.

3. What leadership model do you think best applies to Adolf Hitler.  Go into the details of the model and how it fits Adolf Hitler.  

4. If there is something about Adolf Hitler that is not covered in your leadership approach be sure to say what the weakness of the approach is and either apply another leadership approach for that one aspect or modify it according to the issues related below.

5. Having analyzed Adolf Hitler according to your leadership approach, how will your view of Adolf Hitler’s leadership be modified by applying gender leadership models, by applying cultural leadership models, by applying ethical leadership understandings?


Note: Refer to Northouse Leadership book. Be sure to include a fairly comprehensive bibliography, 10-12 references.Citation of direct quotes and paraphrased ideas is mandatory.  Well structured intro, body and conclusion would be appreciated.  Be sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.   NO PLAGIARISM. Its “SAFE Assign”.

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